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Dry Eye Clinic

Tired, gritty, uncomfortable eyes? Click image to learn more.

  • 1 h
  • £80.00
  • Ecclesall Road

Service Description

All eyes are vulnerable to some form of discomfort at some stage in our lives. This could take the form of itchy, gritty, sore eyes and can result in variable and blurred vision. This can be very frustrating for some patients as this discomfort becomes a daily feature of their lives. Here at Ray-Lewis Opticians we have developed a dedicated specialist Dry Eye Clinic, aimed at evaluating the nature of the discomfort you may experience. This is followed by a specialist investigation of the anterior (front) segment of the eyes to establish the main causing factors followed by the most appropriate remedial actions to take. This usually involves instilling drops or applying gel to the eyes and in addition, some dedicated management of the eyelids may also be necessary. When the type of our tears, health of our eyelids and tear glands are compromised, eyes can become dry, leading to redness, grittiness and soreness, lids can sometimes become stuck together and our vision may start to vary and become intermittently blurred. In more severe cases of dryness, eyes can become very red and painful, can lead to extreme sensitivity to light and may lead to deterioration in vision caused by damage to the cornea. It is important to understand the nature of dry eyes – why we have it and how best to alleviate your symptoms using the latest and most appropriate examination techniques and thereafter to establish the most appropriate form of management. At present, there is no cure for dry eye and so our aim is to reduce the discomfort as much as we can using appropriate drops, ointment and lid management techniques. Our dry eye examination normally takes one hour and includes the following procedures: -Examination of the front of the eye using our photo / video slit lamp biomicroscope to take high definition, high-resolution photographs. - Meibography – we assess the meibomian glands (glands which produce complex oils to stabilise your tears) to ensure their optimal performance. -Three-dimensional cross-sectional images of the front of the eye (anterior OCT) to monitor changes in the tear film and corneal thickness. -We measure the speed at which your tears evaporate off the eye using non-invasive Tear Breakup Time (T-BUT). -Use of various dyes (which do not cause any damage to the tears or the eyes) to assess the health of the front of the eyes.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Contact Details

  • Ray-Lewis Opticians, Ecclesall Road, Broomhall, Sheffield, UK


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