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Here comes the Sun

As well as boosting self-confidence and adding a stylish flourish to any outfit, sunglasses perform a vital function. Choosing a pair of prescription sunglasses from our comprehensive range gives you essential protection against invisible threats across the ultraviolet light spectrum…

Any lenses stocked in our practice will filter out UV100 and UV400, which could eventually contribute to conditions like cataracts, sunburnt corneas or macular degeneration. Children’s eyes are equally susceptible to UV light, so ensure they wear well-fitting frames with minimal gaps around the edges. Never buy decorative sunglasses which could cause pupils to dilate, letting more harmful UV light in without protecting against it.

Like spectacles, sunglasses can be tailored to suit your personal requirements. Scratch-resistant coatings, polarising lenses and lightweight materials all offer distinct benefits, depending on your lifestyle and hobbies. Larger lenses maximise your field of vision, whereas wraparound frames eliminate the risk of UV rays reaching your eyes, while reducing exposure to airborne irritants like pollen. Lightweight polycarbonate lenses set within flexible frames are a great combination for outdoor sports lovers. We’d also recommend motorists keep a second pair of prescription sunglasses in the car at all times.

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